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Solid Ragdolls

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    Black Solid Ragdoll(Self Colored)             Black Mitted Tortie Solid Ragdoll      Black Mitted Solid Ragdoll(Self Colored)

                                                                       Self Colored Ragdoll(Calico)

webassets/BlackSolidRagdolls30.JPG        webassets/BlackTortieSolidSelfColoredRagdoll86.JPG       webassets/BlackSolidSelfColoredRagdoll27.jpg

              Black Solid Ragdolls                       Black Mitted Tortie Solid Ragdoll                    Black Solid Ragdoll

             Self Colored Ragdoll                           Self Colored Ragdoll (Calico)                       Self Colored ragdoll




webassets/SolidRedRagdollKitten10erdb.JPG webassets/SolidChocolateTortoiseShellRagdollKitten12erdb.JPG webassets/SolidBlackTortieRagdollKitten11erdb.JPG





webassets/BlackSolidTortieRagdoll1q.jpg               webassets/BlackSolidRagdoll1q.jpg

 Black Solid Tortie Ragdoll(Calico)                           Black Solid Ragdoll     

The Solid Ragdoll (non-pointed), does not have points like the pointed Ragdolls but still do carry the Pointed Gene, which means in a litter of Solid Ragdolls (self-colored) you will have Solid Ragdoll Kittens and Pointed Ragdoll Kittens.

Solid Ragdolls are solid coloring throughout their head, body, tail and legs, if they have no white on them.
If white is present they can be Mitted or Bi-Color just like the Pointed Ragdolls.

Solid Ragdolls come in all the same colors as the Pointed Ragdolls plus a few more,
these include and are not limited to;

Black Solid Ragdolls
Blue Solid Ragdolls
Chocolate Solid Ragdolls
Lilac Solid Ragdolls
Red Solid Ragdolls
Cream Solid Ragdolls
Calico (Tortie Solid) Ragdolls- which can come in Chocolate Solid Tortie Ragdoll, Lilac Cream Solid Tortie Ragdoll, Black Solid Tortie Ragdoll, Blue Cream Solid Tortie Ragdoll.
Mackerel (Tabby) Solid Ragdolls
Smoke Solid Ragdolls
Silver Solid Ragdolls

These beautiful stunning Pointed, Solid, Mink and Sepia Ragdolls can also be found in or called other colors like;

Cinnamon Ragdolls
Fawn Ragdolls
Champagne Ragdolls
Platinum Ragdolls
Honey Ragdolls

The glorious world of Ragdolls is so very exciting and wonderful to be in and I am having so much fun exploring all that the Ragdoll Breed has to offer; Please enjoy watching Elvia's Ragdoll babz as I grow with this wondrous breed.